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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 09:12

Introduction to GIS 

Geographic Information System (GIS) is the term applied to a system used to store and manipulate geographical or spatial data. With a huge range of applications, GIS software is used across disciplines and in increasingly innovative ways. Many companies are realizing the need to hire GIS specialists. For this reason GIS is a growing field, and a proficiency in GIS can offer lucrative career benefits.

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In 2017, self-driving cars are one of the hottest technology innovations that both consumers and businesses are talking about. Big names including Apple, Tesla, and Uber are all working tirelessly to bring driverless cars to market. The benefits are easy to see. Driverless cars offer a luxurious experience, reduce the stress of driving, eliminate drunk driving, can be profitable as a taxi when the owner isn't using the car, and much more. However, driverless cars also bring several unique moral and legal issues to the table that have never been faced before, and to this point, it is unknown how these big companies will face these challenges. 

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 09:09

Web Scraping Software to Increase Profits

How Could Your Business Use Web Scraping Software to Increase Profits?

Data is gold in modern business, and there's huge money to be made in mining it from the world's largest information source: the internet. For proof of this, you only need look as far as Google, which has built a multi-billion dollar business largely on the back of manipulating other people's published data.

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In the early days of computing, the Information Technology (IT) Manager held a unique position.  They controlled a sometimes mysterious department managing the operation and use of main frame computers of which seemingly only a technically minded person could ever understand. The IT strategy typically included expensive purchases or long-term leases of equipment and software that kept the company's data organized and available.  Over the years technology has evolved, becoming common in just about every business. IT structure today may range from a point of sale register to a large datacenter accessed world-wide.  Whichever the case these systems are dedicated to providing services from tracking orders and inventory to running production.  

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Are you an entrepreneur hoping to use machine learning to advance your existing company or build a new one? Are you constantly on the lookout for innovative ways you can use data intelligence to power the growth of your business? There are a wide variety of new machine learning resources being released on an ever-increasing basis; the key is to discover them so you can put them to work for your entrepreneurial endeavour.

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Up until recently, many people believed that only lower-skill jobs involving repetitive tasks were threatened by artificial intelligence (AI). Recent advances in AI, however, have prompted many respected experts to warn that most jobs will eventually be at risk.

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Programming is a useful skill that will enhance your resume, improve your logic and critical thinking skills, expose you to a world of digital creativity, and increase your employment value (or even give you the tools to run your own business). Thanks to a plethora of Internet resources, you don't have to go into debt to learn to program.

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The term "open source software" refers to software whose source code is freely available. Anyone with an interest can look at the source code, modify it to suit their needs, add enhancements and fix bugs in the code. Copies of the modified software can then be distributed to the general public, usually free of charge. The source code is the part of applications and programs that most consumers never see: the underlying "building blocks" which make it function. 

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